Monday, 25 January 2016

The American Studies Newsletter, 2015

Haven't had a chance to look at the the 2015 American Studies Newsletter? Download it here and find out about all the exciting things happening at Northumbria University, past, present, and future.  The Newsletter includes interviews with an undergrad and a grad student, the latest about grant success, conferences that have taken place and those planned for 2016, and information about a visiting scholar.  See also important updates on staff, new publications, and more.  

Prof Brian Ward writes in his intro to the Newsletter:

In 2014-2015, the American Studies programme at Northumbria University continued to enhance its reputation as home to one of the UK’s most impressive constellations of researchers and teachers in US history, literature, and popular culture. As you’ll see from the features in this latest edition of the newsletter, during the last year we have published an im- pressive array of books and articles, given countless talks at schools, conferences, and universities around the globe, hosted a couple of major international conferences, participated in a wide range of media work in television, radio, and online, been involved with a variety of public events that have showcased our expertise on everything from US religion and politics, to the impact in Britain of American popular music.

Meanwhile, Northumbria graduate students, whether doing MAs or PhDs on American-themed topics, are now a major and respected part of the American Studies landscape in Britain—a status exemplified by the election of doctoral student Megan Hunt as the postgraduate secretary for the admirably named HOTCUS (Historians of the Twentieth Century United States). Moreover, with the arrival of our third undergraduate intake in 2015, we also now have students in place at all three levels of the American Studies BA, while undergraduates majoring in history and literature continue to flock to US-themed modules. As ever, one of our priorities this year is to do all we can to make sure that those students have a thoroughly enjoyable educational experience and that they emerge from Northumbria with the kinds of skills, knowledge, attitudes and aptitudes that will set them up well for employment or further study. American Studies students at Northumbria do not only get the opportunity to learn about the US, its history, politics, and cultures, from a cracking team of world-class teacher-researchers, they also get to develop the kinds of analytical and communication skills that are invaluable in any number of careers. Another priority is to work even more closely with schools and colleges to make sure that they and their students are aware of the attractions of American Studies as a degree programme, and the many advantages of doing it at Northumbria. >>>read on

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