Friday, 12 September 2014

New Blog and American Studies Events for 2014-15

Randall Stephens

Welcome to the new blog for History and American Studies at Northumbria University.  Here you can find out about the latest news and events related to our programmes.  We will also be featuring interviews with our staff, graduate students, and visiting scholars as well as other items of interest to historians and American Studies scholars. 

To lead things off . . . below is a list of the research seminars, conferences, and roundtables American Studies will be hosting for the 2014-15 academic year.  For instance, Joe Street is organizing the 2015 British Association of American Studies (BAAS) Conference (60th Anniversary) to be held at Northumbria University in April 9-12. This represents the largest gathering of American Studies scholars in the UK and will feature a keynote address from the internationally renowned journalist Gary Younge. The BAAS conference will be immediately preceded by a two-day symposium, which will examine the history and legacy of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, perhaps the most important legislative act in American history.

For more information read the latest from AS in our 2014-15 Newsletter.  Soon we'll post the research seminar series for History.

SPEAKERS AND EVENTS, AMERICAN STUDIES, NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY, 2014-15 (room numbers and times will be listed later)


Wednesday 15 October
: Nancy A. Hewitt (Rutgers University) and Steven F. Lawson (Rutgers University), “Exploring American histories: a survey text for the twentieth-first century.” The presentation will focus on the intellectual challenges faced by scholars in the humanities when they move from writing monographs and research articles to work on university level text books. But it also will consider the potential reciprocal benefits of that relationship. How might working with big themes and having to distill complex narratives and arguments feed back into good, innovative scholarship?

Thursday 27 November: Will Kaufman (University of Central Lancashire), “Woody Guthrie: The Long Road to Peekskill”


Thursday 12 February: Clare Elliott, TBA (Northumbria University)

Thursday 12 March: Doug Haynes, TBA (University of Sussex)

Thursday 26 March: “Religion in American History: A Roundtable,” Paul Harvey (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Matthew Sutton (Heidelberg University and Washington State University), Uta Balbier (King's College London), Andrew Preston (Cambridge University) and Randall Stephens (Northumbria University)

April 9-12: British Association of American Studies Conference (60th Anniversary)

April, TBD: A Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of Selma & the Voting Rights Act

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