Monday, 15 September 2014

History Seminars for 2014-15

The History Programme has a full lineup of excellent seminars for the 2014-15 academic year.  Come out to hear presentations on everything from textbook writing to national religion in the British Empire; from folklore in 1970s Dublin to parenting in early modern Europe. All sessions take place on Wednesdays at 4:30pm in Lipman room 033.

Semester 1, 2014

1 Oct: Tony Webster (Northumbria), ‘The lingering death of British consumer co-operation? Crisis, renaissance - then crisis again, 1945-2014’.

15 Oct: Nancy Hewitt and Steven Lawson (Rutgers), ‘Exploring American histories: a survey text for the twentieth-first century’.

29 Oct: Birgit Emich (Erlangen-Nuremberg), ‘Informality in formal organisations: Why (and how) early modern state administration worked‘.

12 Nov: Maria Cannon (Northumbria), ‘Families in crisis: Parenting and the life cycle c.1450-1620’.

26 Nov: Marilynn Richtarik (Georgia State), ‘Northern Ireland’s university on the eve of the civil rights movement: Transatlantic influences’.

Semester 2, 2015

28 Jan: Bruce Baker (Newcastle), ‘The politics of ratproofing: Fighting plague in New Orleans in the progressive era’.

11 Feb: Neil Murphy (Northumbria), ‘The cradle of empire: Henry VIII and the colonisation of Boulogne, 1544-47’.

25 Feb: Joseph Hardwick (Northumbria), ‘Special days of worship and national religion in the British Empire, 1800-1914’.

11 March: Ultán Gillen (Teesside), ‘Lally Tolendal and French counter-revolutionary ideology’.

25 March: Erika Hanna (Edinburgh), “There’s no banshee now’: Urban folklore and decline in inner city Dublin during the 1970s’.

29 April: Roy Foster (Hertford College, Oxford), TBA

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