Friday, 24 April 2015

Northumbria University's MRes in Cultural Heritage

David Stewart, Senior Lecturer in Romantic Literature, relays new information about Northumbria University's MRes in Cultural Heritage:

We’ll be offering a funded MRes in Cultural Heritage for 2015/16 and are encouraging promising students to apply.  The advertisement is now live.

The deadline is fairly tight: 15 May.

There are three links to the application page via the MRes programmes in Arts, English and History, though it’s all the same studentship. Applicants are asked to develop a 500-word proposal for their project. As there is no MRes in Heritage Studies, they’d do the MRes in the subject area closest to them and be given a supervisor in an appropriate area. That said, it’s not just a chance to do an English, History or Arts MRes: the project must have a genuine heritage angle, and we’ll assess them on that basis.




Here's more from the announcement:

This studentship allows you to develop a dynamic and original project in the field of cultural heritage. Applicants may embrace an inclusive, open-ended approach to heritage research in History, English Literature, Arts, Cultural Management, and/or related fields, and should aim to design a proposal intended to maximise cross-fertilisation between disciplines and between the academy and the public. The MRes programme will allow you to work alongside students from a range of disciplines, developing and extending your research skills through tuition and support from a wide range of research-active staff in the Faculty. The studentship will culminate in an interdisciplinary thesis that will draw extensively on a wide range of approaches to cultural heritage. The MRes in Cultural Heritage is the ideal preparation for further study at doctoral level. read on >>>

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