Monday, 6 October 2014

Humanities Postgraduate Research Seminar Series 2014-15

Megan Hunt

Join us for a chance to meet fellow PGRs and see them present on aspects of their research.

Seminars take place on alternate Thursdays, and we usually continue our discussions in the pub. If you have any questions, or would like to present your work next semester, please email

All postgraduate students welcome!

Semester 1 Programme

16th October: Tracey Iceton, "Guest Starring...Using Real People as Characters in Creative Writing," 5pm Lipman 334.

30th October: Megan Hunt "'A Monster of the South': Cape Fear, 'White Trash', and the Oppositional Region," 5pm Lipman 334.

13th November: Allan Symons, "'Woman’s Been After You Ever Since’: Country Music and Misogyny in 1920s America," 5pm Lipman 334.

27th November: Lyndsey Skinner, "Keatsian Magazines," 4pm Lipman 303.

11th December: Jonathan Coburn, "'The Jakarta Problem': the Tyranny of Consensus in Women Strike for Peace," 5pm Lipman 334.

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